Currently I’m offering an energetic 20-minute talk entitled Three Simple Steps to Transforming Stress. My 60-minute keynote, Sourcing Resilience, Productivity and Joy Through Laughter, will bring energy to your company, transform employee stress, and increase productivity.

I am a laughter instructor based on California’s Central Coast and I’ve been the host of several podcasts, including The Caity McCardell Show, Unapologetically Ultra and Run Barefoot Girl. I’ve also made several guest host appearances on the Dave Congalton Show in San Luis Obispo.

Caity has been dubbed “West Coast Terry Gross” because of her connecting, insightful interviews with authors, musicians, comedians and actors. Caity’s speaking chops have come from conducting interviews, facilitating panel discussion, teaching laughter classes and giving talks on the subject of laughter as a transformative tool.

“Caity put OOMPH back into our underworked minds and bodies. It was well received and gave us a great send off as we begin 2016. What a great program it was!”
-Paul Pierce, Retired Active Men
Pismo Beach, California

Caity also conducts hour-long laughter workshops that will connect your employees, increase their productivity and give them the tools to be as joyous as they want to be.

Call me “Katie” or “Heidi” and I might correct you – I have one of those different names. It’s pronounced like “Kai’dee.” If you call me Kite I’ll be delighted.