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In this episode of The Caity McCardell Show, Caity is joined by author Alice Keys to discuss her passion for writing, her various formats (poetry, 100-word stories, blogging, fiction) and her experience living in France.

Alice is also the author of several novels: Rose and her Werewolves of Seaside four-volume series: Claire de Lune, Alpha, Mist, and Wild Moon Rising.

A few of the areas referenced in this conversation are a journal entry entitled Anonymous I Leave, the website Haiku Heights, Alice’s poem entitled The Search Ends, the tongue-in-cheek piece Why You Should Stay Away From Poets, Alice’s work on the website Mad In America, one of Alice’s 100-word stories called Burning Dog, the exercise of writing haikus including Torrent of Life, and her piece Rocking On The Great Ouija Board.

Rose Cover